September 29, 2023

Review of Airalo eSIM: Immediate Data Solutions for Travelers

When we were in search of a SIM Card for the US and hadn’t acquired a prepaid one at the airport, we soon found out that obtaining one wasn’t as straightforward as we had thought. Depending on public WIFI can pose challenges, particularly when requiring maps for navigation. This situation brought us to find one of our now preferred choices for affordable data when overseas, Airalo eSIM cards, accessible in over 180 countries.
Simply buy an Airalo eSIM card tailored for your travel destination, be it a specific country, a regional SIM for continents like Asia, Europe, Africa, etc, or opt for a global SIM. You'll receive a QR code to scan and integrate the SIM into your phone, or step-by-step guidelines for manual addition — there's no need to take out your current SIM card. If you encounter any issues or need additional assistance, there's a chat option and email support available — getting data was a breeze, taking under five minutes.

Benefits of Using Airalo eSIM Cards

• eSims are swift and simple to configure, with support available in case of any difficulties. 
• They offer adaptable plans to suit individual requirements.
• Availability of global and regional packages eliminates the need to swap SIM cards when moving between countries, making it an ideal choice for digital nomads and extended-stay travelers.
• There are no concealed charges, and it’s straightforward to recharge online or via the app as necessary.
• Data meter on your account/app allows for effortless monitoring of remaining data and easy top-ups.
• Feature to save cards enables convenient recharges without the need to incessantly add new cards to your device.

What are the Limitations of eSIM Cards?

The primary limitation is that eSIMs don’t provide call or text functionalities, offering only data — however, you can retain your existing SIM in your phone. Given that their packages are generally more affordable than most local SIM data plans, pairing a local or home-country SIM with one of Airalo’s data packages is still more economical and convenient than frequently switching SIM cards. Additionally, the data has an expiration, usually after seven or thirty days, based on the chosen package. If you’re uncertain about utilizing the entire package, opting for a smaller GB package and adding more data later might be a more suitable choice.
Tip: If a portable WIFI solution is preferable for online work or as a backup, be sure to explore our top-recommended options.

Is Airalo the Optimal eSIM Choice for Travelers and Digital Nomads?

Airalo stands out as one of our top and most dependable options for acquiring data swiftly and effortlessly, regardless of location. They offer outstanding customer service and their website is rich with information, ensuring a hassle-free self-installation process.
We advise setting up an eSIM prior to embarking on your journey, allowing you to access data the moment you arrive at your destination. However, purchasing and installing it is also straightforward, provided you have WIFI access at your hotel or the airport.
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